CMS Launches 'Go Paperless' Option for MSPRP Account Holders

Last Updated: 01 Feb 2022

Author: Logan Pry

CMS will now provide RREs, as well as their Recovery Agents, with the option to go paperless with respect to Medicare recovery correspondence. In an updated NGHP Section 111 User Guide release, version 6.7, CMS states that insurers and their recovery agents may elect to receive electronic correspondence so long as a Medicare Secondary Payer Portal (MSPRP) account has been set up. In order to opt into the Go Paperless option, the RRE can set certain indicators on its TIN Reference File and submit via Section 111 Reporting. It is important to note that the updated User Guide outlines the fact that the TIN Reference File has been extended, adding additional fields which will permit submitters to elect paperless for the RRE and for the established recovery agent.

Version 6.7 of the NGHP User Guide can be found here Specifically, the updated User Guide details the Go Paperless addition in both Ch. IV and Ch. V. In full, the update provided in Ch. V states:

“When there is an active Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Portal (MSPRP) account for the insurer/recovery agent TIN, Section 111 submitters may set Go Paperless options (i.e., choose to receive letters electronically or by mail) for the insurer and recovery agent address using the following new TIN Reference File fields:

  • TIN/Office Code Paperless Indicator (Field 23)
  • Recovery Agent Paperless Indicator (Field 24)
  • Recovery Agent TIN (Field 25)

Note- there are five new fields (fields 48-52) returned for these entries on the TIN Reference Response Fil3.

While this program is optional, making the switch to electronic correspondence may be a welcomed change. Not only does electronic delivery help to streamline the receipt and processing of recovery correspondence, but it can also alleviate concerns over postal service delays, address mix ups, and delivery failures, providing you more time to respond to demands, treasury notices, and other letters which require a timely response.

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